Faculty associated with CDSC and CDIL help lead the Symposium, bringing a wide variety of experience, backgrounds, and interests to the discussions.

Alex Merrill

Director of Technology, CDSC
Head of Systems and Technical Operations, WSU Libraries

Washington State University

Alex Merrill manages Mukurtu CMS development, oversees digital projects, digital preservation, curation and discovery for the CDSC.

Anastasia Tucker

Education and Outreach Archivist

Washington State University

Anastasia Tucker provides support for the Sustainable Heritage Network, community training, and workshops focused on digital scholarship.

Devin Becker

Director of CDIL
Head, Data and Digital Services

University of Idaho

Devin Becker leads the development of the CDIL's fellowship program and research activities.

Evan Williamson

Technical Director, CDIL
Digital Infrastructure Librarian

University of Idaho

Evan Williamson manages the technical foundations and directs workshop/pedagogical initiatives of CDIL.

Kimberly Christen

Director of Digital Initiatives, College of Arts & Sciences
Director of the CDSC
Director of the Digital Technology and Culture program

Washington State University

Dr. Christen provides strategic planning and oversight for the CDSC, directs grant funded projects, facilitates graduate training and community workshops.

Michael Wynne

Digital Applications Librarian

Washington State University

Michael Wynne provides support for Mukurtu users, community workshops and training, and digitization and digital curation workflows.

Olivia Wikle

Digital Initiatives Librarian

University of Idaho

Olivia Wikle works with CDIL fellows to develop digital projects and textual scholarship, while directing our digital initiatives lab and digital preservation efforts.

Trevor Bond

Co-Director, CDSC
Associate Dean for Digital Initiatives and Special Collections

Washington State University

Dr. Trevor James Bond provides strategic planning and oversight for the CDSC, oversees library digitization efforts, and supervises library faculty and staff.

William Clements

Digital Projects Archivist

Washington State University

William Clements provides support for Mukurtu users, community workshops and training, and supports collaborative curation in the Plateau Peoples’ Web Portal.